Thursday, September 10, 2009

Washington DC

So today was the day we got to tour the State Department, the German Embassy, and visit our Congressional Representatives. We also had some time to chill out around the city, see the sites, etcetera, etcetera. I also need a haircut, and I'm listening to Secret Garden, which is inspiring.

I DID SEE A BARBERSHOP but it was a $65 haircut. I'm not that desperate.

This here is a slideshow, I didn't want to load on a bunch of pictures, so here's the collection in brief. Sorry about the music, I couldn't figure out how to get stuff off my ipod quickly.

The German embassy was sort of cool- I've been on German soil!- and the lady who gave the presentation there was engaging. The State department was a dud, though. A little disappointing there.

On the other hand, we DID get to meet representative Tierney. Not at the State Department. Elsewhere. He was really friendly. I shook his hand, and we took pictures. We're like, bosom buddies now. We're getting coffee tomorrow at noon. And he said he'd be my first-born's Godfather, if I like.

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  1. Euere viel gluck kuchen ist beinahe zerfressen. Entschuldigen meine mitleiderregend Deutsch. Hauptstrasse war viele jharn zeitlich. Wir verpassen du. Zum spass.

    Frau Janus