Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Germany

So yesterday was a really long day, and by the time I got home it was time to sleep, not to write. We flew overnight into Frankfurt, where we met around probably one hundred other AFS students from around the world- Brazil, Turkey, Hungary, China, Taiwan, you name it. The flight over was good- some kids were afraid, given the date-, Sept. 11, but it was uneventful, thank goodness. Rachel basically died on the plane, but by the time we landed she was fixed. Patrick sat next to me and we had fun, with this or that. Darren made fun of people. It was all cool.

By the time we had gotten all of our bags through the airport and into the room where AFS was staying, though, pretty much everyone was dead tired and stinky. We did get to meed other AFS kids, but nobody was really in the mood to talk too much.

On the train from Frankfurt to Hamburg, I met a girl named Chloe, from Belgium. I liked Chloe. We spoke a good deal in French, and a good deal in English- she knew about as much English as I did French, and we both knew equally bad German- with a little give and take, though, we had a good time. We listened to Death Star and CombiChrist, two of her favorite metal bands, and Superbus, one of my bands that she knew. It was really cool, actually using French. I would have fared much more poorly had Chloe been German.

That being said, a boy from Hungary and I had a very, very simple conversation, in German, about our host families (gastfamilie) and real families.

AFS is pretty neat. You should try it sometime.

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