Thursday, September 3, 2009

Schulebus Kuchen

So the Miller family has a fantastic tradition where every year on the first day of school we make a schoolbus cake. I guess it's to celebrate, or maybe just to brighten up the dreary day. Whichever.

Anyway, here was this years:

It was actually super cool this year because it had jets on the back, like it was a rocketbus or something. You know, the rocket busses. With rockets.

Here's a pretty pic.

Unfortunately, the automotive designer of this bus failed to account for bad children who would stick their heads out the window and make faces at passing cars, so this one got its face burnt off.

Too bad.

The schoolbus usually has all four kids on it, but this year Nelia and I don't get schoolbusses. We don't get to be on the cake.

That made me really sad.


  1. No, it is Nicholas with a sliver of an orange M&M Nose, silly.

    My face was in the back; I think Timothy stuck it there. :( It made me sad.

  2. Timo
    it's not my fault the face burnt!

    how did you think i was a bird!?