Wednesday, September 30, 2009


SO today I finished the last of my three Stanford essays.

Actually only two are completely done, but the other one is mostly done.  So that's good.

I still need to write the Common App essay for Stanford, though.  It goes on.

Today's a Wednesday, which means no Deutsche als Fremdsprache schule, so today I was at the Waldorfschule all day.  First period we learned about the history of Israel, which was interesting, seeing as I haven't had a world history class in years.  Then Math, which I can actually follow, and Religion, but I did the math challenge problems in Religion.  Then was Deutsche, which is terrible because it's a real lecture, and it's about German politics, so I can't follow much of anything.  Then English, which was a test that I think I did well on, and finally Ceramics.

That's not very exciting, though.

What is exciting is that on Monday I was invited to Marios' Geburtstag, and yesterday some girls invited me to the disko this weekend with them.  Unfortunately, I'll be taking an SAT during the Geburstag and I'll be at an AFS camp this weekend.  Typical.  BUT it's nice to have some friends.

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