Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apfel & Diesel

Today was pretty low-key. I got to wake up late and then laze around, and had hot pumpkin soup for lunch.

Soup is a great word. Equally great is the German word: Suppe. They're both just fun to say. Soup... suppe... soup! Kürbis Suppe!

Germany smells nice. The Baake's have at least a half dozen apple trees on their property, probably more. Many of the apples have fallen, and on warm days the whole yard smells sweet. It's very pleasant.

I mowed the lawn today- Nicko would be jealous, meine familie has an old riding-mower. Mowing the lawn is sort of relaxing, I think. It's productive, but you don't actually do anything. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

We went down to the lake today, too, which was very pretty. Here are a few pics.


  1. u NEED to rub it in!

  2. Bob told me you had a blog going. It is really interesting to see Germany through a fresh set of eyes. I am pretty much blind to the differences between the US and Germany.

    You need to try a piece of "Zwetschenkuchen" before the fall slips away.

    Steve in Plüderhausen