Monday, September 7, 2009

mmmmmmmmmlate night

So I guess technically this blog post is a day late, but I'm going to be sneaky and back-date it so none of you readers will ever know. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

Today we visited our friends the Mahlings in Chelmsford, who, as it turns out, also happen to be hosting an exchange student. Il s'appelle Alberto and he's from Spain. It was actually kind of revealing for me- Alberto didn't speak much English, so I could picture myself in his situation in a week or so.

How weird is that? Less than a week until I'm situated in Deutschland. Speaking of, here's a fun link for you, I'm pretty sure that that's the house I'll be living in. You can write to me! Send letters to:

Seekrug 1
23627 Groß Sarau

I promise I'll write back!

So today I learned how to say owl in Spanish: buho. I think. Or at least it sounds something like that. In french it's hibou, but it sounds like ee-boo. Silly French.

I saw Madame the other day and she had a carpet! And la technologie!


  1. Hi Timothy! So, you're off! Congrats for a successful launch! Sounds like visiting DC will be very interesting and I can promise you that orientation will be terrific -- meeting the other AFS students, many of whom will be as adventurous as you! Can't wait to learn more about your settling in...once you do. The arial map of your new home is very cool! Enjoy!

  2. Timo,
    Alberto can see this