Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hallo! Today there was no German class, so I spent the whole day at the Waldorfschule. My schedule looked something like this:

Deutsche stunde
Mittagessen (Lunch)

Some things to thing about:

1. My grade is about 20 people, in big classes we are all together and in small classes we are split into zwei oder drei groups.
2. There is at least a fifteen minute break between every class.
3. The campus is open; students can leave during breaks, at lunch, or when they have no more classes.
4. My sculpting teacher was a kliene-Doc O
5. Germans dress essentially the same way as Americans, but with straight leg jeans instead of boot cut.
6. Everyone rides their bike to schule, there is no parking lot because students don't have cars.
7. All grades 1-13 are in the same building.
8. The school has a garden and woolpigs!
9. Woolpigs are pigs with wool. Go figure.
10. In Englisch class we played the board game Scotland Yard, so that we could learn about London.

Yesterday I had Sportwahld (I think that's how it was spelled)- Gym. Gym is optional, though, so there were only four people. We played two-on-two basketball, it was very fun. It was a really good workout.

I bought new batteries today! Tomorrow I will take some pictures for you.

But now it's late. Gute nacht!

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