Monday, September 21, 2009

El Layout

Sorry to anyone who is only reading the auto-notes on Facebook of this blog, this post won't make sense. If you'd like to see the real blog, it's at

Well anyway, I think I like this layout now. It's wider, so it lets you see all of most of my photos... while I think the last layout looked a little cleaner, this one is more functional. So I think I'm done fooling around with that... also, I think the visitor counter with country codes is really cool- I borrowed that from your blog, Mike, so thanks for that.


Today was pretty chill- I rode my bike to the Waldorfschule, and then dropped it off there and took the bus to my Deutsche Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language) class. I'm taking the bus to that class every day now- it's about a 40 minute commute when I make the connection at Kaufhof (I think that's the name of the station) and a 60 minute commute when I don't.

The Deutsche Fremdsprache was it for classes, though- I'm not sure why there wasn't class at the Waldorfschule in the afternoon, but there wasn't. Herr Wiegant was kind enough to relay that message to Anke who then relayed it to me. Instead of going right to class I toured Lubeck for a while, and then took a bus back to Schule so I could ride my Fahrrad (bike) home. I didn't have my camera, so no pictures today.

If I did have my camera, though, the picture I would have posted would have been of my meal! I ate at a small little restaurant in downtown Lübeck, and it was damned good. It's weird- food in supermarkets is generally a little more expensive, but at restaurants- or at least, regular, not superfancy restaurants- it's cheaper. My lovely meal today was champignons with beef gravy, carrots and kartoffel (potatoes- but kartoffel is a much more fun word) with chicken, a side salad, and a rum pastry for desert. With that came a bottle of Bionade, a non-alcoholic carbonated fermented drink. And the total? 5.20 euro.

Now you might want start to say that I could get a five-dolla footlong for less than that. That's true, but could I get a drink? Or maybe you'd say I could get a KFC combo meal, with a drink, for less. That's true too, but my meal came with real silverware, a fancy white plate, and it wasn't made out of fried dead babies. Mine wins, sorry KFC.

Anyway. Food is cheaper here. A slice of cheesecake is .85, in the US it'd be 4.50. Ja.

After lunch I took the bus back to the Waldorfschule, and then rode my bike home.

Sort of.

I actually rode my bike everywhere but home for two hours, and then suddenly I was there. I couldn't retrace my path now if I tried.

It's really okay being lost here, though, as long as you don't have too much of a schedule- everything is so pretty, I wouldn't have minded being lost for five hours. The bike path runs along the river, and it's just gorgeous.

Another thing I really like- I don't know if they have this in the US, but if they do I haven't heard of it- garden lots. What I mean by that is this: supposing somebody lives in a flat or an apartment here and doesn't have yardspace of their own to grow things, they can lease a lot from the town and plant things there. All along the bike trail there are these gardens- the river is on one side, the gardens on the other. And they're all very cute; they each have a nice little one-room cottage and are nicely cared for, with flowers and vegetables and trees and shrubs. They're very nice.

Anyway. Biking is fun.


  1. about the last post...Keine Moskitos? It's not like that in July, I promise. Or, at least, there are so many Wespen that you don't even notice the mosquitoes' absence.

    Anyway, thank you for answering my questions! I had a long conversation with my guidance counselor today about the stupidity of New York State's social studies requirements, which I'm not sure actually accomplished anything, but at least it felt like it did. I basically established that I should probably do night school (aaaah), but it would suck if I did night school and ended up not getting a scholarship, so...we'll see.

    I'm quite curious to see how missing senior year plays out for you, so I'm sure you'll hear from me again. viel Spaß!

  2. Well it's pretty much done, me missing the year... there's not much more that will play out. I'm doing all my college apps now- I'll let you know whether colleges mind, if that's what you mean.

    The good news is that (probably) if you do night school you'll get the class done in a fraction of the time that it would have taken for you to finish it in real school.


    Viel Glück!

  3. Yeah, it's more the college application thing. I'm trying to get in touch with the CBYX people and the appropriate authorities on social studies requirements and whatnot, so hopefully I can get that all sorted out. I'm not really sure what will happen, but it'll all work out one way or another. I'm just hoping that it's a way that allows me to avoid spending another year in this town.

    Danke schon! and drink some Apfelschorle for me!