Thursday, September 3, 2009

Schule? Bahahaha

So everyone is going back to school tomorrow.

I'm not.

You'd think I'd be ecstatic- I don't have homework, no tests, no waking up at half-past dark o'clock... that's all cool, but all my friends are in school. I don't miss school, I just wish my friends wouldn't go.

You know?

Today I went bowling with the Welch's. There is one special rule when you bowl with me: if you get a zero in any frame, your entire score resets to zero. It makes the game much more interesting. For instance, Anne was down about thirty points to John, when he decided in teh very last frame of the string to roll three consecutive duds. Anne ended up getting second. John just failed.

Anne lost miserably when it came to button points, though.

Then we bought a cake. Then we played with an air-filled water balloon. Then we watched Mrs. Dunphy watch the Red Sox.

Mrs. Dunphy really likes her Red Sox.

Here's a pretty picture:

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