Tuesday, September 8, 2009



So I didn't post last night because my laptop was all packed up lickety-split with my suitcase and backpack, and also because the day was pretty boring, just packing.

Anyway, I've resolved not to venture onto Facebook unless absolutely necessary- to pull a piece of information, for example- so you will not see me on facebook for two months. I think this blog should sync with Facebook, though, and you'll see blog posts. For those who are just hopping on the bandwagon, this blog can be found in full at afstim.blogspot.com.

TODAY I got up at a super early to get on el airplane to Washington/Dulles airport. The flight was one of the worst I have ever had- I mean, it was short, which was good, and it's not like I'm complaining about actually having to fly- I don't mind that. But it was extremely bumpy and jerky- I've never noticed turns on an airplane so much. I think our pilot was a bit touchy.

Whichever. I arrived in Washington fine and joined up with AFS and we went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in somewhere in Virginia, where I am now. The CBYX kids and I have a three day orientation here before we fly out to Frankfurt.

Not much was planned for today, and some other kids brought instruments, so we did some impromptu jazz and played two tidbits from trombone trios, which was fun. Then there was a dance/cookie party in room 203 (the Daniels' room, perhaps?). Here's a super quick video, just to see if I can make it work:

Anyway, that's cool if that works. We'll see.

There are fifty CBYX kids, a few which I recognize from orientations and interviews here and there. I'd say I'm friends with about half, now, which is pretty cool, and I can name more than half, which isn't bad for just one day. I'm proud of myself, at least.

Mmm... we're all broken up into smaller groups of eight or nine kids. My group is called TEAM DINO, after a the fantastic dino wars that have broken out. So far I'm one for one. His dinosaur was lactose intolerant, my dinosaur was inebriated. Which ever.

We watched a video today, Goodbye Lenin. It was okay. Two stars.

Oh! And I taught my roommate Tharren (?) how to iron a shirt! My mother would be so proud.

Here's a fun picture:


  1. if you'd have lived thru the Wiedervereinigung you'd think "Goodbye Lenin" be one of the funniest things on earth. Too much contextual knowledge... how can I explain Monty Python to my exchange student from Sumatra?



  2. Hi Timo

    Are you sure that TEAM DINO had nothing to do with Triggor? And by the way, Dino Wars wasntt a good movie, or that was my opinion. So! Hope you're having a good time in Washington!
    I just learned to iron a shirt too.

    This is truly Nicko not mom trying to be me.

    Can i borrow your bow and arrows?