Thursday, September 24, 2009

oh no Karl!

So today wir haben good news and bad news.  The good news is mine, the bad news is not mine.  I guess I lucked out this time.

The bad news first: Karlchen ist kaput.

Mia's cat is named Karlchen, or Karl for short.  Karl is a very nice cat that mostly keeps to himself and likes to be petted, like most cats.  The Baake's have another cat, too, but he mostly lives next door.

This morning Hannes went out to feet Karl, but noticed something was wrong.  He got Anke, who brought Karl inside, amid a string of very mild obscenities that were very well deserved: poor Karl was a mess- he was all bloody, one leg was completely crushed, and he was crying.  Poor cat.

We think he was hit by a car, and it's lucky that he survived.  Anyway, Anke took him to the animal doctor, where he was operated on.  He just came home earlier today, minus one leg.  Anke und Alex set up a nice little corner for him to stay in, but he likes sitting on the chair more.  I don't blame him, it's a nice chair.

The good news is that I got my visa!  I'm a legal resident of Germany now, until July 14.  Hooray!

(that's my visa photo.  exciting, huh?)

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