Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm not going to lie, before I had arrived in Washington DC I didn't see much of a point in an orientation, much less a three day one. It was really good, though: looking back, I'm very happy that the CBYX program included it. I know that I met some great people and made some good friends.

During the orientation, when we got some free time, a bunch of kids and I started an AFS band- we had three trombones (posaune), two saxophones (saxophon), a trumpet (trompete), and a violin (violine). We pulled out the old LHS classics- Chameleon, In the Jungle, and good ole' Saints. It was a lot of fun- especially when we had a singer. In the Jungle was a blast.

I roomed with a kid named Theron, one of the saxophone players. He was wicked cool- we listened to jazz and techno every night. It was cool stuff.

I really am impressed with the camaraderie that was so quickly formed at the orientation. It was only half a day with Patty before there was a definite bond between kids. We played Euker and had dance parties and jammed and chilled and it was cool. Uncle Chris, whenever somebody pulled out the cards I thought of you- I've never seen Euker since you taught it to us, other than this past week.

Our table was called Team Dino (I think I had mentioned that earlier). Our group leader's name was Sydney- she had studied abroad in Germany and France, and was really fun to pick on. Poor Sydney. She knows we love her, though. Especially Matt, he loves her a lot. A super lot.

Also at the orientation was Erin, the trombone superplayer who was at my PDO and my interview at Mt. Ida, Rachel, who is unbelievably short, Claire, who is fun to dance with, a couple Daniels, Mike, who was the trading post guy at Camp Onway, and more!

Anyway. This post is more for me than for you, but it's good to write. I'm glad they had the orientation.

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