Monday, September 14, 2009

Mein neues Leben

Hallo! I've been in my new home for several days now, and I'm very happy here. Germany is very beautiful- everything is so open and bright and green. Today it rained, but even then it was pretty- after the rain the skies opened up and there was a perfect rainbow.

My camera batteries died, so I cannot share more pictures until I find some new batteries. In the meantime, though, here is my new room:

I have zwei große Fenster und eine tolle Hängematte. I like my Hängematte.

In Germany there are no in-wall closets- instead, there are big wardrobes, like this:

So for the next couple weeks I'm taking German class at a community-college type of place, and then when that is over I go to the Waldorfschule for an hour or so. Today was easy, because the last-period class at the Waldorfschule is English.

The Waldorfschule is so cool! There's a full forge for smithing and a full workshop for carpentry. I really hope I get to use the forge this year- you walk into the room and everything is metal, and there are big anvils and crucibles and it's so cool!

There are zwei kleine Mädchen (two small girls) in mein Gastfamilie, Mimi und Stine, who are just adorable. They always help me out, because when I say "Was ist das?" it's like a game to them, and they're eager to answer. Das ist ein Fische! Das ist ein Buch! They're good kids.

Clara, these pictures are for you- There ein Hund here, her name is Lise, and she's the prettiest dog I've ever seen. I've never been a big animal person, but Lise is an exception.

Well, anyway, once I get ahold of some AA batteries I'll have more for you. Life is good! Tschüß!


  1. Hi Tim: Can't tell from your blog (a quick scan) .. what is the name of the German town you are residing in?

    It all sounds so exciting!! I'm so proud.

    Luv your gawdmutha

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the pics and your observations. I'm so proud of you. The school sounds really cool. You're so lucky. I'm really proud of you. Say Hallo to your family for me.

  3. Deah Gawdmutha
    I'm not really in a town, but the house I live in belongs to Groß Sarau. It's actually closer to Groß Groneau, though. But the major city- and where I go to schule- is Lübeck.
    Okay bye now.