Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So today I went to my first jazz band rehearsal.  They call it "bigband", because saying brass band refers to Bavairan music.  Anyway.  It's a very mixed group, but it's all cool.  There's around three trumpet players, four trombone players, a bunch of saxes, and a regular rhythm section.  I'm the youngest one in the group, and the oldest is probably 70.  All in all, the median age is probably 35, but there are two or three university-aged students there, too.

But the music is great!  It's my level, which is good- I'll admit, I was really nervous going in, especially when I saw that (mostly) everyone was older.  We played some songs that I had played before- Night in Tunisia, Cute, Bluesy Basie- and a bunch of new ones- Chicken, Misty, Jailbird-something, and more.  It was really good to get the horn moving again, I'm really glad that Anke found this group.  They have a concert on Saturday that I think I'll go to, but not play in, but then after that I can rehearse with them every Tuesday.  We have a gig in November.

While talking about music, Mia has been practicing her Cello and the piece that she's playing is always, unconditionally, without question stuck in my head.  Or stuck in my ear, as the Germans would say.  I think everyone in this house has it memorized by now.  At least it's a pretty piece.

Hannes also plays Cello, so sometimes we fool around with duets- Cello is also (usually) bass clef, so I can read along.  It's fun.

I'd write more, but I'm really tired... so now I'm going to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow.

Gute nacht, everybody.

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