Monday, September 28, 2009

Travemunde Strand


Today Vincent and Geo and I went to the Strand (beach) in Travemunde.  Travemunde actually has an umlaut over the "u", but umlauts are a real pain to put into text with an Amerikanisch computer.  Quite literally, Travemunde means "Mouth of the Trave".  The Trave is one of two rivers, the other being the Wakenitz, that surround Lübeck.  See, Lübeck is actually an island, squished in between the rivers.  Here's a pretty picture:

While we're at it, and just for the record, here's a map, showing where exactly Lübeck is:

The pink area is Schleswig-Holstein, the state Lübeck is in, and the red is me.

Anyway.  Back to Travemunde.  Travemunde is a borough of Lubeck, and it was formed by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, to defend the Trave river.  It was later fortified by the Danes, and in 1329 it passed into the possession of the Free City of Lübeck.  It's the largest German port on the Baltic Sea, and is home to- this one is for you, Grandma Ree- the oldest lighthouse on the Baltic coast.

Well, anyway.  That's enough history for now.  Vincent and Geo and I met at the ZOB and took a bus to Travemunde.  We walked along the beach there, people watched, ate some Brats, drank König Pilsener,  but we just called it Kopi because that's better.  Here are some photos:

 I thought it was really funny how the clock tower on the Bahnhof had a really pretty old analog clock, and then big fat numbers underneath it.

The new lighthouse

Geo on the beach

This is Europe.

The public trampoline... we need some of these.


And last but not least... Vincent!


  1. You have an Amerikanisch computer! No wonder you haven't been complaining incessantly about the Y and the Z being switched. That drove me crazy, and when I finally got used to it I had to leave.

    and that photo *is* a very accurate representation of Germany.

  2. Ahaha yes it is.

    And yeah, I brought my laptop along, so I'm using that. Totally Amerikanisch.

    Actually it's a Toshiba, so I guess it's Japanese?

    QUESTION: what program did you study in Germany last time with?