Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mimi ist sechs!


I really like that word- the Germans say it alot- because S's are Z's here, so it's more like Zo.  And it's very emphatic, too: ZO.

S's are Z's, and Z's are ts's, and W's are V's, and V's are F's, and E's are actually pronounced.  Always.  It's very confusing.

Well anyway.  Today was Mimi's birthday- she turned six.  In the morning we had a big breakfast, and then she opened some gifts- she got a cool new bike!  She also got some fun clothes for her babydoll and some bike stuff.

I left around 11 to go see my bigband- they were playing in the square by the Rathaus, or the City Hall.  This is the first time I've gotten to hear them play, aside from the one rehearsal I've been to so far.  I was really impressed, they're very good.  It's like Lexington High Jazz Ensemble, but older.  That was fun.  I also ate some delicious nuts.  They were delicious.

Mimi had some friends over for her party, and they played a bunch of games and ate cake and vegetables.

A breakfast feast!


Brötchen ist German bread- it's harder than American bread.  Germans like their bread hard.  There's also Croissants in there.  Those are soft.


Mimi and her new bike!

Delicious nuts.

  The Pirate Party was campaigning near the Rathaus.  That's right.  We have a Pirate Party.


  1. These 2 over weight web surfer could have been the same Pirate Party reps that I saw in Schwäbich Gmünd last Sat.

  2. omg i wrote a report about them in school!!