Sunday, October 25, 2009


So! Ich habe eine Kurbislaterne geschnizt!  It's the same as last year's, nearly, but it was good last year.

Mechtild, the regional AFS contact, invited all of the AFS kids for the Luebeck and the Keil to her house for some phat pumpkin carving action.  We also made apple juice and sang Elvis songs and played chess.  It was pretty sweet.

It's kind of funny, seeing some of the Germans and the South Americans and the Asians- well, everyone except the Americans, really- try to carve pumpkins.  America really is the only place in the world where pumpkin carving is really common, I guess.  Some of the kids were terrified at the idea of actually reaching into the pumpkin guts and pulling out the phlegm  I guess that is sort of intimidating, though.

Geo, Vincent, Hans, Mechtild's husband, and I played Chess.  Vince the Prince came out on top against me two games out of three, but I fared well against the others.

Oh!  And today we made Kastanienmaennchen!  They're kind of cute. 

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