Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ich bin exhausted

Today was really tiring, and I have a feeling all week will be tiring.  Don't expect to see too many posts this week.

My SAT II's- Chemistry, Math, and English Lit- are in Berlin this weekend, and every day I'm studying Chem und Math a lot.  I've also been trying to finish college essays, but that's on hold for now.

For the last week I've been trying to get mein Monatsfahrkarte, and every time I think I can get it it seems I run into another problem.  A Monatsfahrkarte is basically an unlimited-use bus ticket, for one month.  Except I'm buying twelve months worth, because it's cheaper to do that than ten months separately.

Anyway.   I need to print another picture for Stadtverkehr Lubeck.

Today after the language course I had sport!  There's a funny thing about sport- not only am I one of only six kids in the class (and the only guy), but our teacher is Ms. Penny.  They're like the same person.  They look the same, they talk the same (albeit in different languages), they dress the same.  It's weird.

Sport is also much more of a workout that gym in the US.  By the time it's over, I'm exhausted.

Oh!  And today was Stine's Geburtstag.  She also got a bike.  Anke and Alex gave me a light and some fenders to put on my bike today, too, so now I'm all set.  Alex was worried about me biking to school, because here in Germany it's a law that you have a light when you ride at night.

Camera batteries died again.  I still have some new ones, though, so I'll change them tomorrow.  Batteries here are expensive, though!  They're very pricey.

Also today I had bigband- we played I Wish, Birdland, Thieves in the Temple, and Spain.  If anyone from the LHS jazz ensemble reads this, suggest Thieves in the Temple to TC.  It's a really fun song, and not too hard.  It would have been amazing back in the days of Bone Power (it has a trombone feature), but I'm sure that you'll make it sound wunderbar.

mmmkay.  Back to studying.  We'll see when I get to post next.

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