Sunday, October 11, 2009



My tests are over!  No more SAT for me.  Hopefully I'll have some more time to post, sorry for the absence.


Alex, Hannes and I went to Berlin- we left on Friday and came back earlier today.  The trip was fun!  I was expecting a longer drive, but it was only a few hours.  We stayed with Alex's Bruder, Martin.  We didn't get in until late Friday night, so we had dinner (Thai) and then turned in.

Saturday I had to wake up early for my tests.  It was neat, though, because I met Claire at the testing center- Claire is another CBYX/AFS kid.  You can check her out here, if you like.

The tests weren't so bad.  Math I feel pretty good about.  I could have used five more minutes for Chem, but it wasn't too bad.  I felt like English Lit went okay, but I never have any idea on those- the questions are all so subjective.  But who knows?  Maybe it'll be like my Critical Reading, and be fantastic.  Maybe not.  The way I see it, worrying makes no difference.  I'll find out when I find out.

After the tests Martin showed us the city- we had brought our bikes along.  I have a lot of pictures, I'll post them tomorrow.

Berlin is kind of cool in that it has so many flavors- no only is there East and West, but there's also the French sector, the Russian sector, the American sector, and the British sector.  You can really find everything there.  Touring it by bike was the right way to go, too.  And, what do you know, we ran into Claire again, this time with Jack, who she's staying with this weekend.  Jack is another AFS-USA student.  In a city with 3.4 million people, what are the chances of that?

This week is all vacations for Schleswig Holstein, but I still need to go to my language school.  :(  Too bad.  One of the kids in my class wanted to jam sometime this week though, so that should be fun.  Other than that, I still have all my college apps to worry about, so I'm keeping busy.

Mmmkay.  That's all for now.  Berlin pics tomorrow!

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