Thursday, October 22, 2009

in this post, I actually say something!

HOKAY.  So here's the plan:

In this post I'll tell you what I've been up to, because I really haven't recently.


When we went to Italy, we flew into Pisa.  We did see the leaning tower, as I'm sure you saw from my photos.  It was kind funny- as soon as we stepped out of our car in Pisa a half dozen scalpers started trying to sell us Rolex watches and Coach purses and other fun things that were more than likely not Rolex or Coach.  We also got a parking ticket... souvenir!

We stayed with Denio and Almuth, who are family friends of the Baake's.  They lived in the mountains, quite literally, in a town called Castello Nova.  Almuth used to live in Germany, but from what I understand she married Denio and they lived in Germany for a few years and then went back to Denio's native Italy.  Anyway, they both spoke very good German, and Almuth had pretty good English.

It was very neat, staying with them- they were so stereotypically and wonderfully Italian.  They had a little vineyard, and an olive tree grove, and grew all their own herbs and vegetables.  The first night Denio made pizzas, with fresh mozzarella cheese, rosemary from the garden, and thin Italian crust, and it was served with rot Wein. 

The next day we went into Florence.  Florence is a very great city- we wandered through some of the more touristy places, as we also went into the anatomical museum I mentioned in the last post.  We had mozeralla and tomato panini for lunch und es hat geschmeckt sehr gut.

The next day hannes, Alex and I helped lay out nets under the olive trees- in about a week, when the olives are good and ripe, Denio will harvest them, knocking them off the branches and into the nets.  Then he can press and process them into olive oil.  I thought it was very neat- half of everything we ate came was selbst gemach- homemade.  The olive oil, the vegetables, hte nuts, the mushrooms, they had wine, but it wasn't yet ready, the bread was made at home- it was all fresh and delicious.

Italy was warmer than here in Germany, but not too much warmer.  It was brisk.  Mia, Hannes, and Alex swam in the pool, but they're crazy Germans.  Eleven degrees was too cold for me.

Anyway.  Tuesday we got back and celebrated Anke's mother's Geburtstag, and I got to meet her.  She's a very nice and very interesting lady.  The cake was good, too.

Yesterday I worked on college apps and cut wood, and today I made quesadillas!  Here's a pic:

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