Monday, October 12, 2009

Foto post!

Mia, Hannes, and Stine's head, flying kites.

Lubeck in the very early morning.  This one was also taken from a moving bike.

The first Hooters in Germany.

Another photo from a moving bike.  Pretty proud of this one.

This is what the traffic light for pedestrians looks like in East Berlin.  In West Berlin, it looks just like the ones we have in the US.


And of course, the Wall.


  1. Isn't Berlin AWESOME! Too bad you couldn't spend more time there. There is SO much to see. Hopefully you will be able to get back. Be careful with that bike riding and picture taking! Are you wearing a helmet? Mach's gut! tante

  2. photo's are awesome, keep them coming.


  3. I will be going back, fear not! Part of the CBYX program includes a stay in Berlin- each CBYX student is being sponsored by a Bundestag member, so we get to each meet our respective person personally... so there is more Berlin in my future!