Thursday, October 22, 2009

Italien... ein mehr Fotopost

Italien war shön.

We had this cute little 4-seater car.  It was French, ich denke.



Here's Hannes, Mia, and Friederika, in the Anatomical Museum Florentino.  I would have taken more pictures there, but it wasn't really allowed... it was very cool, though- first was a huge collection of animals, stuffed and displayed, and then was an anatomical wax exhibit, with hundreds of anatomically correct and gruesomely realistic bodies and organs.  Harry would have loved this place.


I never was a coffee fan, but as the saying goes, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  The saying didn't change the coffee, though.  It was still bad.  Left is Denio's wine cask- I thought that was neat- they made their own wine from their own grapes.  Es war gut!

Hannes, Alex and I helped Denio lay down nets under the olive trees- they had a pretty little grove, and next week they harvest.  The nets catch the olives when they fall.

These things are everywhere.  They're cute.

Gelato in Castelello Nova!

I got a kick out of this- in the airport there was a little arcade, and there was one of those games where you need to line up a cylinder with a tube and push out the prize.  I guess cigs are a wonderful prize in Italy.

Okay, that's all for now!  Bis bald.

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  1. How lucky for you to go to Italy. Who are David and Almuth; friends, relatives? Does Italy seem to be much different from Germany? How about the US, Lynnfield or Los Angeles? I think it is amazing how different places can be, yet, you can also find something familiar. I'll bet the warmer weather in Italy was appreciated this time of year.