Monday, November 23, 2009

Weird stuff...

So I'm mostly writing this down for my sake, but you can read it too, if it pleases you.

I had just finished writing an essay and was about to submit it to on an online essay forum for peer review, but then the forum told me that before I could submit another one of my essays I had to make corrections on two more essays- it's a good system- you only get feedback if you give feedback.  Anyway, I corrected one, and then read another one.  It was about dreaming, and very intriguing.  Anyway, I was wandering through Wikipedia, following links, and I came across sleep paralysis.

I had forgotten until now, which is partly why I want to write it down, so I don't forget again, but last week I had a funny dream.

When I do dream, I always know that I'm dreaming.  Always.  Usually I don't remember them, but when I do, they're pretty cool.  With full consciousness, I also have full control:  If I don't like you and you're in my dream, poof!  No more. If I don't like where the dream is, poof!  it's somewhere better now.

Anyway, last week my dream was at a high school reunion, 10 or 15 years from now.  It started off pretty normal, chilling with the guys, etc.  Then I saw the father of one of my friends, but my friend wasn't there.  I asked his dad where he was, and he responded by saying he had died, and invited me to follow him.  I followed him, and he led me into a smaller conference room, where there were six or eight other people I hadn't seen before, in suits, gathered around a table.  The father of my friend explained to me that his son had died after experiencing something very popular, and he was trying to expose that very popular thing and demonstrate its accountability for his son's- and, he said, other peoples'- deaths.  Anyway, he then handed me an ipod and asked me to put the headphones on, so I obliged.

Now, keep in mind that this whole time I was totally aware that I asleep and dreaming, and totally in control of my dream the whole time, and intensely curious what this guy was about to show me.

Anyway, he played a song that I know very well, and for the first eight or ten seconds nothing happened.  Then I was totally paralyzed- I woke up, and was aware that I was awake, but was completely paralyzed.  I had full waking consciousness (not really any different from dreaming consciousness, except I wasn't in control of my surroundings any more)- the only things abnormal were that I was totally paralyzed and I could still hear the song playing.  I panicked- it's scary to not be able to move- and started to hyperventilate.  I was lying face up on my bed, looking at the ceiling, arms by my side (sort of like the Petrificus curse in the Harry Potter movies).  I was really freaked out- I think it's the only time I've ever hyperventilated from fear.

Anyway, then the song ended and I could move again.  It was some weirdass stuff, though.  Very weird.  I didn't like it.


  1. I usually know when I am dreaming and can change the situation as I like it, too. I'm glad you weren't paralyzed forever.

    I noticed a photopost from Italy on the site. They have a link to this blog, but they think you are living in Italy rather than Germany. wierd stuff...

  2. Ja, ich wisse... sometimes I'm in Germany, sometimes Italy. Whichever.

  3. Ja, ich weiB... sometimes I'm in Germany, sometimes Italy. Whichever.