Friday, November 6, 2009

Was ist eine Zicke?

Zicke ist eine woman-goat.

Song of the day is Wonderful World, by Sam Cooke.   I oughta say though, that I haven't been watching the music videos that I've been posting- Anke thought that the video with the fat man was hysterical, and I had no idea what she was talking about... anyway, I only know that I like the music, the videos may or may not be terrible.

Speaking of videos, here's one for you that I have seen: Wurstfachverkaeuferin, by Helge Schneider. 

You know what's richtig schrecklich?  I have school tomorrow.  And it's a Saturday.


Oh!  The word of the day can be Wurstfachverkaeuferin- it means Specialized Sausage Shop Assistant.


  1. Hey! I don't know if you read your comments but I just have to say something to you.
    I am an exchange student from Germany, living in Ann Arbor, MI, right now. I really like following your blog because it shows me the differences of German and American culture, just the other way around. My aunt lives in Lübeck and so I've been there a lot of times. I wish you a really nice rest time! Emily
    P.S.: I also have a blogspot blog. If you want to read it, it is . I have to approve you as reader, I think that should be possible.

  2. Hallo Emily! Thanks for saying hallo! I always think it's very cool when there are people interested in my blog that I've never met, so thanks for saying something.

    Yeah, my year here so far is great. Will you be living in MI for a whole year?

    I'd love to read your blog- I tried going, but, like you said, I need to be invited first. If you could invite me, that would be great!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I would love to invite you, but I need your E-mail address for that.
    Ja, ich werde das ganze Jahr in Michigan leben. Und Wurstfachverkäuferin ist wirklich ein interessantes Wort.
    My favorite English word is nozzle. It sounds so funny and I think there is no German word for that.
    I switch between languages (you see how it looks like in my head).
    You have a nice weekend, too!

  4. Ja, I switch between languages too, especially in school. Manchmal denke ich auf deutsch, und manchmal auf Englisch. It's funny, because I'll say a sentence in English with a deutsch word and an English construction- "Yeah, earlier today I was geputzing"... fail. Oh well, everyone knows what I mean. French is much worse, though- in French class I can understand everything, but it's really really hard to talk and not have every other word Deutsch.

    Nozzle is a pretty sweet word. I asked my host family what they would say auf deutsch, they were at a loss... eventually they figured something out (ich habe was genau fergessen), but I was unconvinced.

    My favorite Deutsch word is without question Kaputt- it's a richtig fantastisch wort.

  5. oh! and for my email, you can use Thanks!

  6. I could use that mail, but if it is not a googlemail address the invitation ends after a month. Your google address would make the whole thing easier.
    I think more about English/German words now. Awesome is a great word, also. In German you just have "cool" or "toll" or "fantastisch", but nothing that describes so much.
    Talk to you soon :D

  7. Emily, I would also be interested in reading your blog...I live in New York but spent a month in Germany over the summer and am hoping to do an exchange next year. (And hi Tim, I'm still here!)
    Would you mind inviting me? (my email is margarooo [at] gmail [dot] com)

    My mother was talking with my host mother in Germany about how many English words have become part of German slang, and my mom pointed out that there is no way to preserve the purity of English because it is already a mishmosh of other languages. My host mother started laughing and told my mom that mishmosh comes from a German word. :]

  8. Hey Em!
    Sure, my googlemail address is, that would be great.

    Hi Mags!

  9. Got ya!
    mags: I invite you but please tell me something about you. But I already love you for living in New York :D

    Mischmasch is a very German word ;)