Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Munchen I

Sorry guys, I meant to post Monday about my weekend in Munich, but it just didn't happen. Sorry.

Anyways.  I'm not going to lie, Munich was pretty sweet.  South Germany has a totally different character than the North.  Based on my short and sweet three-day visit there, I'd say it's more like the US.

We stayed with Anke's sister, Ina, and her husband, Christian, and her children, Oskar and Olivia.  They live right in the city, in the student district.  I really liked their neighborhood- filled with small niche shops and cafes, and just a few blocks away from the university, it had a very cool character.

The first day Ina treated Lotta and I to a traditional Munich breakfast, and it was fantastic.  White Wurst with sweet mustard, Brezeln (pretzles), a cheese dip, meats, and vegetables.  I was surprised to learn that the White Wurst is traditionally only eaten for breakfast, and even more surprised to hear that breakfast is served with beer.  Go figure.

Ina made it very clear that food is very important in Munich.  It seems like every ten minutes is Brot Zeit (bread time), and it's time to stop and get a snack.  Sounds like a good way of living for me.  Anyway, Ina showed us some of the city, and we got a brief tour of some of the most important things.  We were treated to a beautiful blue sky, and it was warm and sunny almost the whole weekend.  There's a goofy picture of me below, when we stopped for a drink after a little sightseeing.  My hair isn't red, that's just glare.

The Rathaus

I thought the poster above was funny... everything you need, right?  Upper left is Lotta, with Oskar, and left is just hilarious.

Okay!  I'll make another post for the rest.  Ciao!


  1. Glad you liked it. I am not a fan of Munich. More of Hamburg, Berlin, Lübeck and Köln. Could you get into my blog?

  2. Ja, and I even posted a comment, but on one of your older posts... Luebeck and Hamburg are certainly nice too, but it's always good to have a change of pace.

  3. I just saw your comment and commented on it but I want to say sth again. I didn't want to say anything offensive. Actually I said (after I posted that story) that I just wanted to show how important God in general in America is. It was nothing against America or Americans. Just an observation of differences. I don't update my blog as regurlaly as you do but I try. I hope you can enjoy it =)

  4. Hey Emily.
    I didn't take any offense to that post. I only commented because the same (but opposite) thing struck me when I was first here- the general lack of religion was surprising. That got me thinking to why religion IS important in America, and my comment on your post are my observations.

    Differences are what cultural exchange is all about, though, right?

    Anyway, I do enjoy your blog, thanks for letting me in- it's good German practice for me, too- my Deutsch still needs a lot of practice.

  5. Haha. Wär es besser für dich, wenn ich Deutsch mit dir rede? Nimm dir bloß nicht meinen Blog zum Vorbild (am besten gar nicht erst mich), weil mein Deutsch total weird ist.

    Thanksgiving in two days. I have holidays now =)

  6. Warum ist dein Deutsch total weird?

    Ja, velleicht es ist besser wenn du kannst mir mir Deutsch reden, wann es ist dir egal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!