Monday, November 2, 2009

Lotta ist zuruck!

It doesn't really make sense for me to say "Lotta is zuruck" because I had never met her  before,  but nonetheless, Lotta is back home.  We haven't talked too much yet, but I'm sure we will and I'm sure she's a perfectly lovely girl because all of this Baake family is pretty fantastic and it would be very strange if there was just one terrible child among a crop of good ones.  So, that being said, it's nice that she's home!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while- I've been trying to finish up my Stanford applications, and I've been really busy... anyway.  All is submitted now!  Fertig! Hoorah!

Song of the day is In the Cold, Cold Night, by the White Stripes (you can hear it here, wenn du willst) I love this song, and I love the White stripes.  Most of their stuff is so simple, but very nice.

Anyway.  On Halloween I went with Anke, Mia, and Friederike into Hamburg where we saw Mendelssohn's oratory "Elias" performed by quartet, choir, and orchestra.  It was really fantastic- a very good piece.  I ended up scrapping one of my Stanford essays and rewriting it, talking about Mr. Mendelssohn.  Or at least mentioning him, anyway.

Today I split some wood.  I kind of like splitting wood, though- it's a very rewarding thing to do.  It's nice to feel self-sufficient.  Besides, splitting wood is just about one of the manliest things that a guy can do.  Maybe splitting wood with an axe shirtless would be manlier, but it's too cold to be shirtless and after a few logs with an axe I'm sure that I would really rather have the wood splitter than those last few manliness-points.

Anyway.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about my school schedule.  I was going to tell you today, but this post is finished now, so that won't be possible.

Bis bald!

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