Monday, November 9, 2009

Que pasa?

I think it's really funny- in the US, I think just about everyone would know what you mean when you say "Que pasa?".   Here, though, I say that and people look at me in wide-eyed horror.

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration.  But it really goes to show that the US is a veritable mischmasch (our German word of the day) of cultures and languages.  Here, only Jochen has any idea what I'm talking about.

Today I finished my suesses klienes schaechtelchen!  It's ganz pupsiges.  Maybe tomorrow you can have a picture.

I was thinking about New England the other day- I don't really think that our leaves are brighter than anywhere else, I think that it's just the quality of light that makes them so famous.  The leaves here in Germany get very bright, but because it's a perpetual fog they don't appear so.  New England's unique indian summers are why we're famous for foliage, I think- we have sun!  Or, at least, a little more than some other places.

That being said, all the leaves are gone here, now.  We've had snow, too, but it only lasted for a day, thank goodness.

German weather this time of year is a little depressing.  It rains almost every day and gets dark around 4.30, if not earlier.  I just need to keep in mind that it's always dark this time of year, though, regardless of whether I'm in Germany or Boston. And it's not too too kalt yet, so that's good!

Anyway.  I can't find the song of the day!  It's Desengano, by Los Panchos... maybe you can find it on iTunes or something.  Sorry folks.  In the meantime, this is pretty cool.

Okay.  Bis Morgen!


  1. WHAT? You had snow already?
    I live in Michigan and hope for a white Christmas for like the third time in my life and you in Northern Germany have already snow?!

    That is just weird. I think the weather wants to fool me.

  2. That's right, it's very very tricky. It will be dry in the morning, so you don't bring your Regenhose, and then as soon as you get to school it will start raining for the rest of the day. You'd think that I've have learned by now, but I haven't. Very tricky.

  3. Yo Tim!
    Dude, Germany sounds awesome! I really wish i could keep up with your blog more, but i feel like this year is so busy. I'll try harder from now on to like... post comments and stuff. Senior year is kinda weird without you being here. You should come back soon. (this doesn't sound gay, does it?) Anyway, its really weird but i don't know what else to tell you. I feel like after you've been gone for like a long time i'd have something important to say, but nothing comes to mind, so... good luck and have fun and stuff, see ya

  4. Jimmy the Snitch!

    Ja, it's pretty cool here. And I haven't recently been posting too much in the blog, sometimes only once or twice a week, so don't sweat it.

    I do miss Lynnfield, but it's funny which things I miss most. The fall concert, for one- or, more specifically, the shenanigans after it- I missed that alot. And all of the fuss about mole day. And for some reason when I was telling my family about no-shave November I missed Lynnfield. And countless nights cruising around doing nothing with Sean. It's the stupid things, really, that I look back to.

    Anyway, thanks for saying hello. I promise I'll come back in like, eight months or something. Who ended up building the set for the play, and how did it come out? Say hello to your family, and everyone in school for me.