Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey everyone.

On Donnerstag I had a concert with the Luebeck Swing & Fun Band. That was pretty sweet. We played some great songs, here are my favorites:

"I Wish"- richtig fantastisch, with some fantastic Bone parts. LHS Jazz band could take this on for the last concert of the year, if it's feeling daring. Really a fun song.
"Spain"- a very cool song, with cool Sax & Bone parts alike. Very catchy.
"Thieves in the Temple"- Also very cool, and a little simpler.  Sweet bone parts.  LHS Ensemble really should play this, it's very cool.
"Summertime"- A standard, and fun to solo on
"Chicken"- Fast and catchy
"Sam's Boogie"- another really simple one, would be great for solo practice for the Ensemble.

These songs are really great, check out the links if you've got time.

The set was very long- like, two and a half hours.  I don't think I could have played much more, my lips were pretty numb after that.  Anyway... some photos to follow.

I should be finishing up my USC and UCLA & USB apps today or tomorrow, and then there's only UPenn, but that can wait til January.  Of course, then there's scholarships.... :(  it goes on.


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