Sunday, August 30, 2009

UC Davis

The final campus on our little tour, UC Davis was also nice. But that's about as far as I'd go, personally. I know some people who loved it there, but it's not really my type of school.

See, I like to be connected, to know what's going on . UC Davis... it's not connected. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I mean, yes, there are busses to San Fran, but honestly, it is pretty remote.

After touring the campus (it has the London's 1st double decker bus, and a superman-style telephone booth) Soraya and I went into the town of Davis to find some plush eats. We found a supermarket and she got a salad.

I'm going to go on a little side note here: California supermarkets are not like Massachusetts supermarkets. Not even a little. It doesn't matter if we're talking Trader Joe's or Albertsons, a California supermarket is not a Massachusetts supermarket.

For one, everything is fresher. All the fruits and vegetables, they're always ripe and fresh. For two, everything is healthier- there's so much more healthy stuff in general. It's like they're all Trader Joe's type places, and the Trader Joe's are super Trader Joe's. There's more transparency, too- ingredients and nutritional values are advertised, not hidden.

There's also a California store (it's actually English, but whatever) called fresh&easy that has Big Hunks of Chocolate. My dad likes those.

Anyway, in said grocery store (it happened to be a co-op), Soraya and I met a UC Davis Junior named Winn (I think that was his name... he was Asian). He told us the weather sucked there.

All three of us drew pictures of dogface butterflies and played I Spy. It was fun.

I liked Winn.

EDIT (9/05/09): Soraya liked Winn too, his name was spelled Ndujenyarbavaha, and her salad was almost as colorful as the spelling of his name.


  1. he was asian. therefore, his name was actually Nguyen, and just pronounced "win". and you should add that i liked him too :)

    ps- you should also add the very important fact that my salad had every colour of the rainbow except for blue, but it also had black and brown which aren't in the rainbow so they must count for something. at least make up for the lack of blue.

  2. Soraya!
    I JUST learned that black and brown make BLUE!