Friday, August 28, 2009


So today I had perfectly lovely flight into California with my father.

Agents Timothy and Robert Miller and Soraya Farhadmotamed
Mission: Explore UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Stanford Campuses

see, it's cool because I get to pretent I'm a secret agent.

We're staying at the Radisson at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco. I recommend the Radisson at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco to anybody who wants to visit San Fransisco- it's right in the middle of everything and everything, and generally a pretty good place to be.

Today I snuck in to the Discover Stanford tour, a tour aimed a prospective undergraduates. See, I had signed up for the tour, but when I got there they said no-way Jose and kicked me out. I'm still not sure why. Fortunately, the tour was easy to sneak onto as soon as it was out of sight from the Admissions building.

Stanford has a beautiful campus, partly because it's very well laid out, and partly because there is a very strong architectural theme. It's surrounded by the beautiful, albeit small and expensive town of Pallo Alto, the huge and sprawling San Jose, and the generally pretty sexy San Fransisco. Another great thing about Stanford is it's transportation- it's very well connected to all three.


I just went to pull all of the Stanford literature I collected to give you some facts, and they've all fallen apart. Stanford, I was going to praise you, but instead I'm going to tell the world that your binding sucks.

World, Stanford's binding sucks.

Actually I really do like Stanford- it's totally bike friendly, it has one of the top rated Engineering programs in the world, it has very good financial aid programs- these are all good things. Stanford has also won the Director's cup for about a million years, which means it has a great athletics program. It's also strategically located near Silicon Valley, which is good for job-bound graduates.


Here's kind of a neat fact: If Stanford athletes had represented a single country in recent Olympic competitions, their medals would have placed it seventh in the world. Given about 6,700 undergraduates, that's got to be one of the highest Olympian-densities in the world.

Stanford also has some great trees. And a Jamba juice.

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