Friday, August 21, 2009

Host Family

So here's the lodown about my host family.

5 Children
Lotta- 16 years old
Mia- 13 years old
Hannes- 10 years old
Stine- 9 years old
Jasmin- 6 years old

Lotta will actually be in Iowa, staying with her aunt and uncle, the first half of the year, so I'll be taking her place in school, I think. I'll be going into her grade. I think.

The parents are named Anke and Alex- Alex is a hydraulic engineer.

From what I understand, I'll have one neighbor and then nobody for two kilometers. Maybe I made that up, but I think I read it somewhere. The house I'm staying in is an old house, and the heating is through a wood-burning stove, so I should expect to be cutting wood in the winter.

Also, the school- Waldorfschule Lubeck- is eight kilometers or so from my home, which I'll be riding to and from every day.

I'm going to come back jacked.

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