Saturday, August 29, 2009

UC Berkeley

Day two of our California Adventure.

I think it's funny- everybody in Massachusetts associates the name "Berkeley" with music, largely in part due to the Berkeley school of music. The music building at UC Berkeley, though, is the most pitiful building on campus.

Needless to say, UC Berkeley isn't known for music.

Soraya and I toured the campus today and then checked it out ourselves. I must say, the tour was really bad, and the admissions session afterward may have been fantastic or dreadful, but I'm not sure because I was sleeping. Just wandering the campus, though, made up for most of that.

One cool thing was there was a room in the library for sleeping. That's all. Studying is actually expressly forbidden- if you study they shoot you. The room is guarded by snipers and dogs.

The campus was a liberal as its reputation- we (Soraya and I) spent the better part of a half hour talking to a militant communist who was trying to recruit us to join the violent overthrow of "all this shit"... he wasn't very specific. There was also a smoke shop off campus with at least a hundred different things to smoke.

This is California.

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