Saturday, August 29, 2009

San Fransisco

So everyone's heard about the Golden Gate Bridge. Most everyone has seen it, or a picture of it. Some people have driven across it.

Me, I get to bike across it. All one and a half miles of steel, cable, rivets and international-orange paint of it. It was pretty sweet.

See, it started because my dad wanted to ride across the bridge- he said that it had been one of his dreams since he was eighteen years old. Lucky me, I didn't need to wait 32 years old.

It was kind of funny, too- you're riding along in San Fransisco (we had to ride to the bridge before we could ride across it)- and the weather is in the high seventies. You get on the bridge, and it instantly drops ten degrees. On the other end, it's warm again.

The change in temperature was so drastic that you could literally take two steps and change ten degrees. It was pretty cool.

or hot.

On the other end of the bridge is a town called Sausalito, which is probably the prettiest little town I've ever seen. The lights, the small streets, the well-placed trees- it was very nice.

Here's a pretty picture:

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