Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eine Woche

It's officially been one week here in Germany.

That seems so small, compared to a year. One week. It's seemed so much longer!

That being said, this week has been great. I think that many potential foreign exchange students are intimidated more by that first week than by anything else, and the idea is daunting: not only a new school and new home, but a new family, and a new language- that's intense.

To be honest, though, the transition was not hard. This week was a very pleasant surprise- everyone is nice, living with my family comes naturally, the school is welcoming. No, I can't speak the language, and no, I don't understand most of what is happening around me, but it's okay- as long as you can go with the flow, falling into a new life is not too hard.

Or maybe I just have it easy.

I got a haircut today! The haircutter didn't speak English, but with the little deutsch I know and some charades we figured it out.

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  1. Hi Timo,
    It sounds wonderful where you are. We wish we could be there and we're glad you're happy.
    We love you a lot. G. Ree. & G. Bob