Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy busy busy

Actually, contrary to the title, today wasn't actually that busy. It was productive, though. I unlocked my phone, set it up with simyo, a German phone network, figured out my debit card, got a bike (actually Anke got the bike for me) and more!

There was German Klasse again today in the morning, but no Waldorfshule after that. There are a few kids in my German Klasse who are also here mit AFS:

Kittaporn, Thailand- Kitta and I are carpooling together often, because we both go to the Waldorfschule. Kitta is staying with Johanna, one of Lotta's friends.

Vincent, China- Vincent speak very good English, but he's having a hard time with Deutsch. I think English is much more compatible with Deutsch that Chinese is, I'm lucky.

Bruna, Paraguay- I haven't talked to Bruna too much, but she's nice.

Cesar, Uruguay- Cesar was in our German Klasse, but he was too good, so he moved up a level. German will be his sixth language- the kid is crazy.

Anyway, we're all going to try to go to Hamburg tomorrow- I have HKTU at the Waldorfschule after German (sculpting again), but after that Vincent and Kitta and I will take a train into Hamburg and meet Bruna and Cesar there. Hopefully.

Mein Gastfamilie ordered a simcard from simyo, a pay-as-you-go phone company, for me. I had to unlock my phone before it worked with the simcard, though, and AT&T was just not being nice. Eventually the internets provided good enough, though, and I figured out what I needed to do.

The internets did fail me though! I had really hoped that I could call AT&T and my bank with Skype, but I couldn't. For some reason I though calls to businesses were free. Guess not.

Anyway, now that my phone and debit are taken care of I should be all set. More importantly, I shouldn't need to make any more long-distance calls. I feel bad making calls to the US on the family's phone, but the phone card I have (simplink passport) doesn't work at all. Which is a shame.

Anke had put an ad in the school newspaper asking for a bike, which was very nice of her. My family has really been super- they've thought of everything. In addition to getting the bike and the phone, they labeled everything in the house with sticky notes before I code here (komode, tisch, stuhl, hocker, fenster, bad, t├╝r, etc.) and made a big Wilkommen sign for me. I really couldn't ask for a nicer home.

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