Friday, September 4, 2009

And today we have...

So this morning I got up sixteen brands of early so that I could go Dunkin' Donuts hopping with John, Nathan, and Tony. I'm not sure why we had to do it so early, but apparently it was important, otherwise I'm sure we wouldn't have done it. The cruising around for an hour and a half trying to kill time before school started after the hopping was clearly also part of the plan.


Anyway, we brought los donuts into first period band class, along with some grits and an ear of corn for TC (he's from Virginia). We didn't actually eat them, but we ate steak and cheese wraps at my house later on, so it's all cool. Philly Fajitas, if you will.

Which leads me to a very important question: are words starting with different letters but the same sound- philly fajitas, for instance- still alliterative?

More importantly, is alliterative a word?

I got all excited that tomorrow is a friday, because I thought that it meant I could chill with the gang after school. I was wrong, it really just means I get to work at the mobil.

I guess that's almost as cool.

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