Monday, March 8, 2010

The Haircut Yet-To-Come


After school today I went into Luebeck to get my phone fixed (I crushed it under my hip while ice skating Saturday).  That wasn't very exciting, though.  What was exciting was afterward: as I was walking to the bus station, I began to wonder if I should just go ahead and get my haircut- I had been planning on getting it cut for a while, I had some money in my pocket and some time to kill, and I was already in the city... I just didn't really want to spend the money.  I had hoped that Alena would cut my hair by the midstay camp two weeks ago, but we ran out of time, and I had to go home hairy-headed.  Anyway, as I pondered over whether or not to go zum Friseur, a girl came up to me.  She explained that she was a hair-styling student and had her final test on Friday, and wanted to get some practice in before then.  She proceeded to ask if I wanted a free haircut- I said yes- and then she gave me her name and the address of her studio, and told me to come in tomorrow.

How cool is that?  Sometimes life just works.  Hoorah!

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