Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Haiku Garden...

Caused in part by the snowflakes drifting past the window, vectors in Math dissolved into a lovely haiku dialog.  Anna Rosa accompanied me in my drifting thoughts.  Here's what our crumpled notes said:

Ein neue Eiszeit
Eisbaeren in den Strassen
Luebeck's Wetter sucks.

Luebeck is ugly
and I can't do maths
wanna go away

Ich will Gras, Voegel, 
Sonne, Meer, und weissen Strand.
Wo ist der Fruehling?

Ich weiss es auch nicht.
Es ist Maerz und es schneit noch!
Das ist so haesslich!

Suchen wir mal, ja?
Vielleicht hat er sich versteckt.
Fliegen wir suedlich!

I wish everyone sunny skies and a warm day!


  1. I don't remember if I ever appropriately thanked you for your advice on the selection committee, so danke danke danke. It was much less scary going in having an idea of what to expect! (Our tower was progressing splendidly but totally died at the end. Oh well.)

    one last question...when did you ultimately find out about the scholarship? haha, I'm going to try not to psych myself out too much with the waiting. We'll see how that goes.

    (and I wish I passed such clever notes in class, haha! haiku-ing in German has to be a sign of major progress.)

  2. Bitte bitte bitte!

    They had you do the same tower again? I'm actually kind of disappointed; I was looking forward to hearing of a new fun and exciting challenge. Oh well.

    Hmmm... I really can't say when I found out, I've forgotten. I want to say May, but it could have very well been early June or late April... so really I don't know. Sorry :/

    And don't get freaked out if you don't get notified right away- I know that at least four people this year were alternates- studying abroad for a whole year on another continenet is something that startles some people when it comes to fruition, and they decide against going- there was at least one kid this year who didn't hear until July.

    Haiku-ing is a great word ;)

  3. Yeah, it seems like most of the kids who applied this year (and didn't have a phone interview) that I've talked to have had the same challenge, including the ones in Oregon.

    I also heard about one kid who's there now and found out about two weeks before leaving...probably the same person. So I'll try not to stress, haha.

    thanks again! :)