Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hitzacker (endlich)

Hey there everyone.

It's been a while, sorry.  I've been busy, and, to be honest, not all that much too interesting has gone down in the last week or two.

School is back, snow is still here, vacation is over.  It's been a little warmer- usually it hovers around -2 or -3 degrees (27ish F), and it snows every once in a while.  We've got about six inches now.

Street plowing isn't nearly as thorough as in the US, but nobody really seems to care.  That being said, on the way to pick up Leone en route to school last week we got pretty stuck, but a bit after a little push and shove we figured it all out.  It meant I didn't need to go to my first half hour of German.

One of the lovely advantages of not-so-plowed streets is auto-sledding.  It's like waterskiing, except there's no water and it's cold and you're on a sled on your bum and not your feet and there's no boat and no skiis.  It is just a fun, though!  We did that today, good stuff.  The car got stuck again, but it's cool because Alex has a bamf tractor that was essentially born to extract autos from snowbanks.  And to carry wood.

Friday was the last day of my German epoch.  I think I've already explained what that means, but just to be sure I'll clarify- the Waldorfschule has an epoch system (I think that's also a word in English, but to be perfectly honest I'm not sure any more).  What this means is that for 4-6 weeks we have a hauptunterricht, or main lesson, two hours every day.  After that we have assorted core classes. 

Anyway, the German epoch is over.  I'm not going to lie, I went into the epoch pretty disheartened- I hated the normal Deutsch classes, and the thought of two hours every day was agonizing.  Now, though, I'm a little sad to see it go.  Somewhere in the middle of the epoch I think I crossed an invisible border of verstandis, and after that point I really enjoyed the texts and stories that we read and analyzed in class.  There's not really an equivalent at LHS- it's not a german language class, and it's not quite a german literature class.  I guess it's like an analytical-literature and philosophy class.  Whichever.  Ich fand es gut.

We also had a math test on Friday which I kicked butt on- I was really proud because I wrote my last answer as 5 * sqrt(2), and the given answer was sqrt(50).  Not that that really matters, but it's the little things in life that make it what it is, right?  Nice job, Mr. Tarr!

This weekend I went with a few friends to Riverboat, a disko in Luebeck.  I liked it a lot there.  The music wasn't as good as at Parkhaus, the other disko I've been to, but the mood was better.  It was a pretty classy place, for a disco.  It's also cool, because I was planning on meeting just three friends, but I ended up running into ten other kids I knew.  It's nice when things work out.

My hair is too long again.  I need a haircut.

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