Monday, January 18, 2010

Good luck kids!

Today I hit rock bottom.  I got back a french test- it wasn't bad, but the errors were absolute fail-errors.  For one, I had written "ventana" when I meant "fenêtre"- I think that when I wrote it I got "fenêtre" confused with "Fenster" and assumed it was German... I don't know.  And then later I wrote "gato" instead of "chat"- I'm not even sure where that came from.  There was also a "manchmal" on there instead of "quelquefois", and a "name" instead of "nom".  Fail fail fail... I'm so confused.

And then even worse!  Valerie asked me for help with her English homework, and I tried to say the sentence "Hannah must use crutches to walk".  I couldn't say "must" for the life of me, though- ever attempt came out as "musst", the german word, which sounds like "moost".  Eventually Hannah corrected me.  Hannah who's a German.


Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all you LHS kids best of luck on your midterms.  Don't study too hard!  Any honors history kids in grades 9-11, ask a senior for a history review guide.  James, Vic, Sean, Mikey, and I, or some combination of that group, made some badass ones every year, they should still be very helpful.  

Hopefully everyone will be less confused on their tests than I was!


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