Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hey everyone!

It's once again bitingly cold outside.  I believe it was -13 this morning, and now it's -10, or somewhere around there.  In any case, it's very cold.  On the bright side, it's almost five and it's still a little light out!  Technically sunset was at 4:43, but dusk isn't over until 5:23.  Things are looking good!

Last Thursday I started a standards dance course, which is pretty cool.  I didn't actually learn anything new that first day- most of the ground steps I learned at Hitzacker- but I'm looking forward to the continuation of the class.  There's a swing dance class in March that I want to take, too.  Swing dance always looked like fun.

Lotta is cooking Lasagna and it smells really good.  I'm hungry.


  1. I hated dancing for years, until I learned how to swing dance. You should definitely give it a try, it's loads of fun!

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  3. Hi, Tim
    I have read and enjoyed every one of your 83 blogs. Keep them coming for all of us who would like to change places with you. I am pleased you are having fantastic experiences and, more importantly, meeting wonderful people who are now your friends.
    G'pa Bob