Sunday, May 16, 2010

Am Strand


Because of Ascension Day, this was a long weekend for Germany (Thursday & Friday schulfrei!).  On Wednesday I went out with a few friends on a quasi-Kneipentour- we started with cocktails at Ohana, went on to the Sternschnuppe, and ended up at Cole Street.  It was a good time! 

It really went down the next day, though- the whole Hamburg/Berlin crew came up to Luebeck.  More specifically, Basti, Simon, David, Sophie, Udo, and Flo from Berlin, and Merle, Jan, and Marie from Hamburg.  Most of these people were either in Hitzacker or Bergwerk or both.

We went to a beach on the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) on Thursday and set up a volleyball net.  It was just a little bit cold, but a lot of fun.  David and Basti are both really great players- they're both in Germany's Vierte Liga- I think that's about the level of the North Shore Spirit baseball team, for comparisons sake, or maybe one better.

Pefect form, in every sense of the word ;)

The nice thing about the sub-perfect weather is that we literally had the beach to ourselves.  And, after playing a little, it was plenty warm enough.

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