Monday, March 1, 2010

le Skiurlaub

Good morning, America!  Good evening, Deutschland!

Yesterday I got back from my Midstay Camp, but that's not what I'm talking about in this post.  I'm going to ask you all to backtrack deep into the Ides of February.  

One more of the dozens of cool things about the Waldorfschule is that it has a February vacation.  Nobody in Schleswig-Holstein (my state) has a February vacation.  Waldorf just kicks ass.

Anyway, after school on Friday we drove down to Munich.  That's a loooong drive.  We started around 5:00 pm, got to Wurzeburg and picked up Sinja around 2:00, and finally ended up in Munich around 5:00 am.  I think.  At that point I was pretty out of it.

In Muenchen we hooked up with Christian, Ina, and their kids, Oskar and Olivia, and then eventually finished our drive together to Lenggries.  

We lived in this cute little cottage for the week.  It was out of the way of everything; it was literally in the middle of the woods on the base of the mountain.  You did need to drive from there to the slopes, but it wasn't more than a ten minute drive.  It was a very nice location.

The skiing was good!  There were two sides of the mountain, 34 km of pistes, and 18 lifts, including a gondola.  Plus it was a mountain in the Alps- regardless of whether it was good or bad, it is, being able to say  "I've been skiing in the Alps" is instant cred.

I spent most of the time skiing with the Sinja.  That was really fun- even after she realized I have zero ski technique, we still skiied all the little wooded trails and mogul trails and tight little passages we could find.  We found some pretty cool shortcuts between different parts of the mountain, and I think I've become a better skiier.  I still have zero technique, but that's okay.  

Sinja left on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I rented a snowboard for the day.  I didn't have enough money to take a real lesson, but I asked a few people to help me out, and (for the most part) everyone lent me ten or twenty minutes to teach me something new.  By the end of the day I could get down the bunny hill, but not too much more.  I'm glad I tried, though- I've always wondered about that.

Evening were spent in our Cottage- we were something like 20 people; Lotta brought Ruth along, Mia brought Greta, Sinja war dabei, Hannes's friend Konstantin and his whole family was there (including an Amerikanerin au pair), Christian and Ina's family was there, the Baake horde, and some friends of Ina's... it was a real party.  We played Maxchen (without drinking), doppelkopf, and did a lot of reading.  Very relaxing!

Here are some photos of stuff!

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  1. was that last picture the cottage you lived in all week?