Monday, February 22, 2010

I always feel silly when I apologize for not posting more, but at the same time I feel compelled to apologize.

I got back Saturday from our Skiurlaub in Langries.  I'm not sure how much I said before, but I went skiing with my family, Sinja, Christian & Ina's Family (Ina is Anke's sister), and another family from Hitzacker.  We all stayed in this cozy little cottage in the mountains.  Langries is about an hour south of Munich; the mountains are the Alps.

I do have pictures, and I will write but not right now.  I'm trying to finish up packing- the rest of this week I'm spending in Bad Honnef, not so far from Koelln.  There's a CBYX meeting there, until Sunday.

I guess I've been particularly bad in February- only two posts, and one of them is this lame half-assed excuse for a post.  Then again, February is short, and I was/will be away for half of it.  People keep telling me that they enjoy the updates, though, so I will keep updating- don't worry! I promise that by a week from today I'll have a real post.  There- it's in text, now I can't make excuses.

Today's Anke's birthday- Happy Birthday Anke!

Have a nice week, everyone!

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