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I was actually going to write about baseball, but I should probably write about baseball first...

We played "baseball" in Gym the other day... it was pretty funny.  Our gym teacher explained the rules in great detail:

1.  There are to be four bases.  There will be no home base.  The runner must run to first, second, third, and fourth (where third base usually is), and then he has scored a point.  The runner must not return to his starting position.
2.  The ball shall be white.  A field hockey ball will suffice.
3.  The bat may or may not be a novelty miniature bat- if it says "baseball", it qualifies.
4.  The catcher is a third party.  The catcher shall not belong to a team.
5.  There shall be no strikes, fouls, or balls.  Batters shall have three attempts.
6.  A batter will be out when hit with a ball.  Teams will switch after a batter has been hit with a ball.  Throwing is acceptable.
7.  A batter may run around the bases as often as he wishes.

These are the official baseball rules.

That being said, Germans can play soccer!

America recently lost to Ghana.  It wasn`t a bad game, though- 2-1, and lost in the second overtime.  Not a bad deal, all things considered!

Germany won yesterday against England, 4-1- that was a very good game.  I had expected Germany to win, but not by so large a margin. As I was saying to the lovely Soraya, I made a few observations:

1. Short after your first goal, England shot a second goal that wasn't counted. It was in though, England was gypped. That being said, the US shot a goal on England in the group stage that wasn't counted, either...
2. England played terrible in the first and last 20 or 30 minutes. In between, though, they looked really good.
3. Germany really did play better. Germany's guys are also REALLY fast....
4. Props to England for being the only country loud enough to out-sing the vuvuzelas.

Germany will be playing Argentina (who beat Mexico yesterday) next Saturday.  I think Germany will win, but they'll need a little luck- Germany scores its points on break-aways, not in planned plays.  I think it will be a high-scoring match, too- Argentina has great strikers.  

I'm not going to pretend to be a soccer expert (I've never interested myself in soccer before this year), but I'd say either the winner of this match or Brazil will win the World Cup.

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