Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Post, and Thank You!

Dear Scholarship Sponsor-
What can I say? You've offered me so much more than $800. $800 is little more than a pile of bills, doing no good. What else could be done with it? Well, it could be spent, for one. But what happens then? Whatever is bought is consumed, used, and then forgotten.

Instead, I got lucky. Instead, you decided to invest your $800 in me. Really, that's what I am: an investment. In me, your money is put to use toward human capital, instead of consumer goods. Through your donation, I grow, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. More than any of that, I grow culturally. So to me, that $800 is so much more than a pile of bills. It's an opportunity. It's a huge portal through which I can expand my life and better myself. Through your donation, sponsor, I can push myself towards excellence.

Maybe I'll never get there- that's true. Maybe nobody reaches excellence. But is not half the experience the journey? Now that I'm thinking about it, your $800 is more than just an investment. True, you're contributing to human capital, but more than that, you're sending me on a hell of a ride! How many other students get to spend a year abroad? How many other kids get to push their independence to the extreme, dive into another continent, and totally immerse themself in an entirely new world? Not many.

So one more time, sponsor- thank you. Thanks for the experience I'm sure to have. Thanks for the memories I'll hold forever. Thanks for this chance for me to better myself, in every way. And thanks for your generosity. Because, truly, without support from the do-gooders in this world, all of us- myself included- would be a whole lot worse off.

Thank you.

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