Monday, November 2, 2009

Le Petit Prince

I just realized that I forgot to talk about Le Petit Prince!  For some reason I thought I had already written something, but I guess not.

Anyway, it was very, very good.  It was done in a very modern sort of style, with a minimalistic set.  There were four actors, three from France.  I was very proud of myself, because I understood most all of it- of course, it helps that I've read it before.

Le Petit Prince especially did a very good job, I think.  It must be a terribly hard part to play, considering that the Prince isn't a human.  He's not even a child.  He's a symbol- he must represent innocence, trust, and at the same time wisdom.  That's a tough role to play.  Nonetheless, the actor did a great job.

Throughout the play there were little musical bits, oftentimes accentuating pantomime.  In the beginning, for instance, when the Prince asks Saint-Exupery to draw a mouton, Saint-Exupery responded by drawing with his finger in the air.  Another player was backstage, and as Saint-Exupery drew, he mimicked his penstrokes with the violin- as Saint-Exupery drew a line up, the violin got higher, and vice verca.  I suppose it's hard to explain.  Anyway, it was very effective.

All in all, a fantastic play!

While we're at it, you can have a second song of the day: Le Vent Nous Portera, from Noir Désir.  You can find it here.  I should add that if you do listen to it, don't watch the music video- I like the music, but the video is pretty doof.

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  1. This song of the day is really sad and scary!!